Jaclynn Moon incarnated on this earth to assist as many beings to root in + rise in their authentic self. She is a "Soul Doula" *a midwife who assists the birthing of your full, authentic soul self*

You are the beloved.

You are the one you have been looking for.

Are you ready to let yourself in?

A voice of the goddess +

activator of your magic. 

There is something innate within me that loves to push limits...within myself and with my beloved clients.

I love to dive into the limiting stories and pieces within that hold us back from our truth.

Why is it there?

Why do you feel you have to believe this?

Where does it stem from?

Let's go there love..I got your hand.

I was born into this world to dive to the depths and pick up the fragmented pieces of your soul so we can bring them back to be seen, heard and felt..

We dive together so we can remember your magic...it is always there with you like a glimmering red ruby hidden in the depths of your ocean…

Do you want to take the journey within yourself to claim the treasure chest you soul has to offer you?

Or do you enjoy looping in the matrix...you know what i’m talking about…

It is time to rise and remember the divine intertwined within every fabric of your body-mind…



Are you ready to reclaim your magic?

Are you ready to empower your story?



I am here as Kali’s fierce gaze to penetrate through whatever holds you back from your power.

I am here as Mother Mary to hold you as you let go and realize your loving self.

I am here as Shakti to ignite the passion in your body…

I am here.

I see you. I love you.

Are you ready love?















So, What does it take birth into your full authentic Soul self?

Are you ready to learn how...

 *to let yourself see all the places you block love...

*How to face your shadows...Jaclynn uses the "Feel it, Face it, Free it" method...by embracing it we hold space for it to release...

*how trust life and consciously witness what is coming up for you in your life with a mindful, compassionate manner, not one of reaction.

*how to take OWNERSHIP + RESPONSIBILITY of your actions and intentions

* to accept and LOVE your body for exactly as it is, supple, alive, luscious, curvaceous, Your body is yours to embrace, feel, express and emote through this life! 

*How to trust your intuition..that little voice that's within you...that's your soul speaking...

*REALLY know what its like to feel confident AF. Like a Boss. Not in a boastful way, but a down to earth, I know myself and i love myself kinda way..

*How to call in SOULMATE relationships and divine partnerships (check out my blog post)

So, are you ready to really let yourself in?

The games up, you've played your bluff, now its time to get real...real authentically YOU :)

Root in + Rise up Love

 Now is the time

My Soul Background...

I started off going down the route towards Holistic Healing, receiving my Certificate and License to Massage Therapy covering a wide scope of physical, energetic and spiritual healing techniques ( such as NMT, Myofacial release, Aromatherapy and Reiki)  through the years I have created my own technique and approach to Massage Therapy and healing... For more information and to schedule a 1 on 1 Session Click here... (coming soon)

In 2015 I received my 200hr Yoga Certification. Yoga is a huge part of my life and self-expression...I offer live video Yoga classes and personal 1 on 1 sessions via Skype...For more information...CLICK HERE (coming soon)

I've explored Shamanism, Energy work, meditation, breath-work, acupuncture, intuitive healing. Everything I've been called to do or learn resonates with me on a soul level

I am a Priestess Initiate, a "remember-er" or oracle. I've gone through many test and trials in my life to wake up and remember how to teach and help women embody their sacred gifts and sensuality. 

For a FREE guided Womb-Meditation CLICK HERE. (coming soon)

Check out her current offerings...



© 2023 by Jaclynn Moon.