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Yoga Schedule

Monday Evenings-

Giving Tree Yoga & Wellness Center

Haverhill, MA 

76 Merrimack Street, Suite #7



This is a meditative & fluid vinyasa practice which links pose to the next pose by using the breath for transition and transformation.

Build natural heat and enjoy the detoxifying and purifying benefits.

We will pause and hold postures a little longer between Flow to Build Strength, Flexibility and Focus.

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This practice will help to create space in the physical body, free the mind and balance the whole-being.

Cultivate peaceful connection through cooling, yin postures followed by organic movement, yoga and breath.

This practice has the makings to be deeply transformative and will leave you restored, refreshed & renewed.

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Thursday Evenings-

The Salty Buddha

Salem, MA

201 Washington St, Suite 206 

Salty Buddha 


Cultivate strength, balance and flexibility through movement of body and breathe. This lightly heated class will leave you feeling grounded, peaceful and invigorated while detoxifying the system. The postures are linked with a powerful breathe providing a moving meditation that helps deepen your awareness to experience your true self. 

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Luna Buddha


Spiritually sound and soulfully sequenced. This vinyasa style builds off moon salutations, chakra balancing and breath allowing the mind to flow into a vibrant state of moving meditation. Attention to physical alignment as well as subtle energy is enhanced by the darkness of the room set to candles and soothing music. You will end practice in restorative bed time postures designed to get you prepared for a good night sleep. 

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