3 Steps to Help you Build a Healthier Relationship with Money :)

Updated: Aug 2, 2018


Mmm...get clear on our debt...how much we owe...what our lifestyle costs..

The more you know/understand your “Why” and “What” the more effective you can be with your execution definitions: What you want? Why you want it? What are your purpose driven underlying motivators?

The more clear you are on your outcomes, for yourself and others...the easier it will be for you to connect with abundance :)


DON’T RUN AWAY from your debt. Face it. Haha...guys...it doesn’t just GO away...we opened up that credit card for a reason….LOOK at why you are purchasing things...does it EXPAND you and EMPOWER you or does it CONTRACT your being...be REAL with yourself…

…like when you cosigned on a loan and the other person ended up not paying it...this happened to a close friend of mine, what i learned is, damn its so important to take responsibility of our stuff, i mean we do this in the spiritual community, like learning not to project our bullshit on others...right? If we know how to take self responsibility with our emotions and actions we can learn how to be responsible with money.

(BTW...you can pray and hope that you win the lottery or some rich man/woman will pay everything off...but LET'S be real here...BahahAAaa...BE YOUR OWN suga momma/dadda...it FEELS WAY more powerful….)

3. LOVE YOURSELF EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE…beating ourselves into submission doesn’t promote change...treat yourself like a little child...how would you treat this child? You would want to love and nurture them right? because remember this is YOU….

What would you tell your inner child?? And notice what you are already saying to that inner child “omg, how could you have done this, you’re and idiot...you should have listened to someone else…” Yea...I DEF have some of these goin on…

BEING okay with RIGHT now and taking LOVING baby steps to getting CLEAR with where you want to be…

THIS is where the spiritual mantras come into play “ I am worthy of abundance” “ I love myself right where I am” “I believe I am doing my very best, and serving my best self to the world at all times”...AND also LOOKING with honesty with where we are at…

DON’T forget to remind yourself how magical you are...if you find yourself trapped in your head...SHAKE YA BOOTY!!

Get up and do it now.

I love you.

AND REMEMBER…(previous post)

...how you feel about yourself is related to how abundant you are...so I want you to feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel good..why? Because abundance IS your birthright.

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