Connecting with the wild Feminine

Connecting with the wild feminine energy that society has forbidden, shamed and suppressed is the balm/cure for issues of self love, developing personal power and boundaries and overcoming sexual shame held at a cellular level; patterns of self-sabotage; or past patterns of victim-hood

and feeling hopelessness or despair..

Connecting with the wild feminine energy is also the gateway to opening to deep pleasure, sexuality and sensuality...making love with life itself…

How much pleasure are you ready to handle?

How willing are you to follow your heart?

Sisters, our womb and vessel hold trauma and stories that hold us back from our TRUE, FULL essence as women…

Orgasmic energy and pure pleasure are the foundation of energy of life….

YET we block out and resist this as our minds have been conditioned to deny and judge this…

WHO resonates with this?!

I DO!! I STILLLLLL find myself resisting this power as I too am afraid of its power….it has the capability of transforming your inner and outer world….it means shifting and letting go of the old stories that hold our power back….(and we collectively hold massive wounds from the rise of monotheistic religions which reacted to the wild feminine as evil and sinful...and we would literally be killed if found in this state…”burn the witches”...) I FEEL YOU...I feel your pain...but I ALSO FEEL your willingness to RISE….I can tell you that NOW is the time...we are SAFE...we can bring her out find balance within...and feel into our RADIANT, MAGNETIC essence….

Your inner wild women is the key to your freedom...can you see her dangling the keys in front of you? Can you hear her whispering in your ear? “Do you dare claim me, are you ready to rise?”

In my “Claim Your Queendom” mentorship program we dive into the realms of the wild feminine...feeling into her...seeing what blocks her from fully initiating...and learning how to ignite her sensual, erotic, free and confident essence!

© 2023 by Jaclynn Moon.