For those sisters wanting to connect to their cycle and come off of birth control…

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

The struggle was real.

I came off of birth control and it was pretty much hell for my body as I was on it for almost 10 years. My body wasn’t creating its own natural hormones and it took AWHILE for me to find balance….but it was so fucking worth it. As it was a step into claiming and OWNING my sacred body and a big fuck you to the patriarchy that's trying to own me and tell me what's best for my body...uhh fuck off haha!!

So I've been off of birth control for 6 years now.

I’ve had one abortion ( to me this was a womb activation and deep lesson….that story is coming soon, stay on watch!)

I understand that coming off of birth control means you gotta connect to your cycle and are no longer reliant on a pill or a thing in your cervix, or a shot. You are reliant on you and your bodies internal wisdom.

If you are with a partner than that's now being reliant on your your bodies internal wisdom and your partners connection to self-knowing as well!

Which if you are having sex with a partner who is not connect to his seed or body...your intuition will pick up on that…

When I got pregnant, my partner and I were not clear with our intentions, it was messy...and I was not connected to my cycle! We also lacked in communication...he failed to tell me that he felt that he came inside of me.


Having an abortion did not stop me from connecting to my intuition and wisdom actually challenged me to do so! ( I did try the patch for a little while but I noticed my body react in the strangest way...I felt irritated almost all the time!)

What I did was take charge of my cycle and trusting my body and intuition!

What I realized is there is SO much support out there for women declaring and demanding their rights to their body! We don't need pills...we have our own wisdom! (and Apps and stuff..)

I downloaded an app that helped me track my cycle (I’m using MyFlo App now, thanks to Danny Wolf!)

If you want to stay on top of your cycle without the use of hormones and chemicals, there is the Natural Cycles App and thermometer. The Natural Cycles app identifies days on which a woman is infertile and fertile.

To be honest, I don't know much about this amazing technique! The magical Sheleana Aiyana has a wonderful article on her experience with the App and Thermometer.

Check it out here!



Another way of me reconnecting to my cycle was....tuning in regularly with my womb to see where I was at. YES girl, you can trust yourself!!!

Eventually I would know when I was in peak fertile stage...and if i was having sex I would either wear condoms or aware my partner of my current situation...pull out method works..but you gotta have communication and intentions! (no babies please in this case)


Plan B the herbal way…! Whhhaa?! Yes.

Queen Anne's Lace is a great thing to have in your herbal medicine cabinet..(also known as Wild Carrot)

Women back in the day would chew the seeds after having sex as a way of preventing pregnancy. Robin Rose Bennet has done studies on the Queen Anne's lace and its effectiveness as use as a contraception.

She found that it can be a very effective way of birth control if used within a window of 8 hours after sexual intercourse and then 2 consecutive times after the initial use.

What it does is it can prevent the fertilization of the egg and the implantation of a fertilized egg.

Though it is highly effective, every body has different responses, especially if you are taking medications that alter your hormones. For most women it should be of great use!

I've been using this for about a year now ( in those emergency situations...)

I take 20 drops of the tincture after sex or at least 8 hours after and repeat that for 2 days after my first dose!

If you are interested in purchasing this incredible herbal "Plan B"...

Check out Bear Wallow Herbs. This is where I purchase my tincture.

Having this tincture has seriously saved me a lot of anxiety and panic...I know what it feels like to have that looming question of "am I pregnant?"...yea it's not fun, it drains you and directs your energy away from the things you actually want to focus on.

This tincture is a game-changer especially if i feel that maybe my partner and I went a little to far...heh...

So far, so good!

Also, staying on track with your cycle!! Download those Apps I mentioned (or any of the other apps...check here ) and start journaling and tuning in each day!



I am not an herbal specialist or doctor, but I am a woman with experience and knowledge. I suggest all women do their own research and tune into their own body to see what will best work for them.



Happy Exploration of your body, hormones and cycle!

I know it may be a lot to take on, but it is well worth it.



Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions



Love + Blessings

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