From Innocence to Wildness...

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

There's this sweet innocent girl that i'm expected to live up to....

She doesn't swear, she smiles politely, she puts others first, she is nurturing and a caretaker, she is a life provider. She does everything right. Her manners are always present, for she cares about what other people would think about her. She is a lady. A delicate princess.

BUT within her she feels otherwise...

She feels wildly connected to all things, plants and animals, the sun and the moon. She fantasizes of digging in the dirt, howling with wolves, embracing her sexuality. She sees herself walking naked having absolutely no shame with this goddess given body of hers. Her senses are heightened, her presence is unwavering. She has eyes that can cut through glass, and a tongue that can heal wounds.  She is WICKED and WILD. Untamed and Unashamed. She lives fully in her power, in LOVE with each step she takes.

She is a Wild Walking Goddess that holds utmost respect for her being, her mission and why she is here on earth.

There is no beating around the bush. It's straight hawk-eyed clarity.

She serves it up straight, REAL, RAW and AUTHENTIC.

She is the purest form of love on this planet.

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