Hold Your Vibe Attract Your Tribe...

Updated: May 23, 2018

Have you ever noticed a time where it was so easy to speak and be with another individual? It seemed like magic...you both flowed together and understood deeply of each expression and emotions... It’s like you’re looking into a mirror.. . . Then others where you’ll be speaking of something you’re passionate about then something runs amiss...? It’s like the energy gauge shut off and you can’t even approach your passion because this individual just can’t hold the space for your vibration to flow...... It’s called misaligned frequency..... . . If you’re at a certain vibrational frequency and it’s a match with another being...you will easily tap into flow...things will work out effortlessly and magically... . . If you’re with someone who is not resonating at your frequency it will be limited... . . When you channel your vibration you will magnify all that resonates in your field ;) Keep that magnet strong and rooted! Once you become so strong in your self...you will know exactly what serves and what doesn’t...you’ll become a master at your own vibrational frequency 👽 . . When you hold your vibe...you begin to attract your tribe 🐆🐅💕 ✨🔻✨

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