How do we align ourselves to stay in our Dharma rather than our Karma?

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

How do we align ourselves to stay in our Dharma rather than our Karma? I find it helpful to witness dharma as the path of seeing things through loving eyes, through the highest vibration...and karma as viewing things as low vibration, pain and suffering… We all are experiencing this human life and we can view our journey and lessons through the lense of dharma or karma….love or fear...blessings or suffering… . For example...a can view the break-up as the end all be all...emotionally drained...I will never be anyone now that this person is not with me, how will i ever find someone like this person? No one will love me like they did...these kind of thoughts keep you stuck in Karma… OR You can bridge your thoughts into a Dharmic way of thinking...into a higher frequency...This break-up is divine as I have expanded beyond this relationship, I am moving into the direction of my highest frequency and this no longer serves me, the universe is responding to my growth and I am grateful to be walking the path of my highest vibration. . Do you see/feel the difference? . We will go through life lessons on this planet, its part of our soul experience...we can see each lesson as a blessing or a curse….we can raise our frequency to see and embrace the magic in everything life offers us..or stay in a place of gripping pain and density… . Ultimately each will end in a reservoir of love….but which route will you choose? . Through the lessons you are currently experiencing, how can you view them in the lense of Dharma, in the highest vibrational frequency? Where is the blessing in it? How is this lesson asking your soul to expand? . Staying neutral and witnessing the ever-changing, ever-incredible landscape of our lives transforming in front of our eyes...neither gripping onto the good or bad...but opening up to each polar experience with a soft knowing, heart-smiling, grateful minded attitude towards life….this is what we have to experience for the here and now….enjoy the magical mystery of life….and watch it unfold...trusting that life will move through you in the highest vibrational way( it already is...we just have to attune ourselves to that knowing..

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