How to manifest Incredible Lovers/Relationships...

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

1. become your own beloved.

get down with yourself and learn how you want to be your inner masculine and allow to be witnessed in your radiant feminine.

My inner masculine is soft, protective and nurturing, always checking in with how I feel and wants to see my whole being flourish. My masculine side will go to great lengths to make sure that I am always supported. With this space my feminine creativity emerges and thrives, i become whole…

I let myself unravel in how I want to be fully loved...loving on my whole being, body, mind and careful of the words and actions you take with that is how you are setting the bar :)

2. Focus on what you LOVE ( understanding your love language)

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Learn my love language!

I love words, I love affirmations. Tell me with presence how beautiful I am, I melt…(I do this to myself in the mirror all the time! I even wink at myself..haha I turn myself ON!! )

TOUCH, Oh this is huge for me...I’ve had lovers who would barely touch me and I would go CRAZY...and then eventually i thought something was wrong with me. They would tell me i'm too needy or clingy...which hey maybe i was because i just wanted you to simply touch me damnit…

Hahah! Now, I have lovers that can’t take their hands off me, simply because i KNOW that is what i fucking WANT...and yea i am def not needy, i just love to love…


If something feels off in a relationship TRUST that funk...don’t push your ideal onto someone that does not fill that...we can sometimes be TOO strong in our desires we end up projecting our desires on someone who can NOT hold that feel me? I have DEFINITELY done this before… and it's never you can lose faith in your vision..and break your heart with the other person...wahh wahh..

4. TRUST yourself…

Trust how you want to be loved, trust you are worthy of receiving this lover or relationship…

I hear so many women saying “ ugh, men they just don’t get it”...sure there are men and women who “just don't get it” but that doesn’t matter because YOU DO….when you STAY put in your own vibration you WILLLLL attract a like vibration……..i’ve attracted multiple lovers who honor me...WHY? Because I honor myself!!!

5. Know you are Worthy of passionate LOVE!

YESSS….if you feel you are unworthy then you block yourself from receiving the love you want and deserve……...such a big piece.

Mama, I want to see you flourish, thrive and attract the most meaningful, beautiful relationships, and that starts within FIRST.

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