Maintain your Magnetic Field...

Updated: May 23, 2018

When you maintain your magnetic field in what it is that you choose to experience...all that is a match to that vibration will be attracted to you :) If you want to attract something, you yourself have to experience it within... if you want to call in a lover who honors you, shares ecstasy, bliss, wild passion, unconditional love, compassion...the whole multidimensional field of first have to believe that this is possible...then GIVE this to yourself… BE YOUR OWN BELOVED… treat yourself like a lover would treat yourself flowers, light candles, put a sensual blend of aromatherapy in your diffuser ( if you don’t have one get one!) massage and touch yourself how to you want to be touched...please your senses... Create an erotic bedroom self-love session…. You have the choice, you are your own vortex of experience...ALIGN with your holographic experience and watch magic happen :) .

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