Owning your sovereignty is a moment to moment choice...

Owning your sovereignty

Your voice

Your yes

Your no

Your power

Your truth

Your love and connection to self, to source

Is a moment to moment choice

Where we give our energy or attention to is super important to be aware of

The intention behind our actions

The beliefs behind our thoughts

Whatever it is guides you and directs you in life

I woke up feeling

from a dream I had...but what I realized is the dream was showing me how I could reclaim my power...that it is a choice…

So instead of looming in the feelings of resentment and animosity…

I chose to empower myself and reclaim my inner knowing and trust of self

I recognized in the dream I was looking outside of myself, Idolizing and comparing my worth…

And with doing this I lost connection to who I am...to the perfection that is me...and breathes through me and wishes to share through this heart of mine…

Your authentic truth is sacred.

No one can take that away but you.

They can try but you can always draw that rope back to you…

I am so grateful to my practices of self-love, self-awareness and self-compassion….

Without it I would be lost in a sea of doubts, comparison, judgement and resentment…

Reclaiming the love + connection to your body, mind + soul is an act of divine courage…

It takes a warrior to dive to the depths of the subconscious programming of the mind and actively choose to reprogram it to the terms of love + empowerment

That which will ultimately SERVE you in the highest



Remember each moment you have is a choice...to LOVE and embrace your truths...or push them away and stay quiet…

I hope you choose to lovingly flow with the gift of all your sacred expressions…




© 2023 by Jaclynn Moon.