Sacred Moon Blood Ritual…



Our womb blood is a symbol of renewal...a divine blessing…

Our blood is our original, PRIMAL (meaning first) connection with god.

Our ancestors knew this truth..and therefore celebrated the feminine wisdom.

Menstruation is the oldest religion on was honoring the moon cycles and rhythms..

Everything is born from the womb...and everything dies to the womb…

It is the cycle and holder of life and death…



When we bleed it is our time as women to connect transmute...and release…

We are literally shedding the old and beginning to build anew (as we move into ovulation)

Rhythmically connected to the moon, the seasons, and the energies of the earth...deeply rooted within our bodies…



Offering your Moon blood back to Earth creates a maternal bond with your womb and the womb of Gaia. Just like the trees root in and create grids of communication with the earth...when you intentionally connect and offer your blood and womb to her, you now open the channel for communication. You become infused and entangled with the living intelligence of the earth.

Creating a sacred bond with you and mother earth is something so pure, so beautiful and enchanting…

  1. Collect your moon blood ( I collect mine by using my Diva Cup...if you don’t use a diva cup you can soak your thinxs in water...i’m sure you could soak your tampon as well...and girl if you are using a tampon I highly suggest making the switch to a diva cup that is IF you do not have a IUD...IF you do have an IUD try out save BIG time on $$$ AND you are doing earth a solid by using way less waste..)

  2. Find a sacred place in nature where you wish to offer your blood. You can offer to your indoor plants, or maybe if you have a special garden or tree..moon blood is wonderful fertilizer.

  3. Close your eyes. Breathe into your womb and tune into her powerful essence.

  4. Make a prayer or intention and ask to be connected to the womb of the world.

  5. Say the invocation “ May it be rooted in the earth and birthed through the womb”

  6. Pour your sacred moon blood into the earth, affirming your bond with life.

*You can infuse your blood and diva cup with intentions...before i insert my Diva cup i soak it in hot water with flowers, sage and other herbs. For this cycle, The flowers i received from my lover and my intention was to build a stronger bond of love and union with him. The sage i use for purifying and renewal. I let that soak in the sun and send my love :) I use another jar to collect my blood, and pour my diva cup tea into the a magical concoction of intentions!!

After my blood shed is complete and i have collected it, now I take it and offer it back to mama gaia : )



Happy Moon Blood Connecting.

Please reach out sisters if you have any questions.

I am happy to answer.



Also, I offer 1 on 1 embodiment coaching as well as a deep dive mentorship program to “Claim Your Queendom” Reach out to me if you are feeling the call to work with me.


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