The Power of moon BLOOD…

Yes. I feel so very called to illuminate the forgotten sacredness of menstrual blood. We are soooo torn away from the natural primal world….creating boxes of plastic and material pods of disenfranchised human activity….it’s so interesting yet so strange to me… Here we are living and breathing in these magical, primal machines yet we are so disconnected to the wisdom stored here...right in our very body!!! Anyways… Here are some HERstorical facts on menstrual blood.. Eat it up. I will be…🔻😋 🔻From the earliest human cultures, the mysterious magic of creation was thought to reside in the blood women gave forth in apparent harmony with the moon...Most words for menstruation also meant such things as incomprehensible, supernatural, sacred, spirit, deity… 🔻The Hindus believed that the great mother gave birth to the cosmos, and women employ the same method on a smaller scale. 🔻The lives of the very gods were dependent on the miraculous power of menstrual blood. 🔻In greece it was euphemistically called the “supernatural red wine”, given to the gods by Mother Hera. At one time the great gods recognized the supremacy of the Great Mother, manifesting herself as the spirit of creation. 🔻The Norse god Thor reached the magical land of enlightenment and eternal life by bathing in a river filled with menstrual blood from the “Giantess”-that is the primal Matriarchs, “Powerful Ones”... And Odin...How did he gain or steal his power...from drinking the “wise blood” from the triple cauldron in the womb of Mother-Earth… . . OOOOHHH and it just goes ON and ON and ON...the herstory is overwhelming… . . Taking a DEEEEP bow to the sacredness of blood, as it is is the elixir of creation..of life of's the very reason we are here… . . To my queens, if you are interested in connecting with the wisdom of your womb...join me in a deep dive mentorship….a 7-week journey into the remembrance of who you are...apply



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