There May be Blood...(my ode to Kali)

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

She is crawling in the dark, she eats the shadows, devouring them in her womb, casting them into the earth in bloodshed. She takes all this to be transformed, moving through earth where it creates life, light, organisms. A divine portal, bridging into the earths center of creation.

Her hips move with poise, grace, fierceness. Her eyes may penetrate all the bullshit in your mind.

She is tempted to rip your heart out and envelope it with pure love, joy and ecstasy. She is not for the feeble minded or weak of heart, for she will break you down and build you up to a strength unimaginable.

All the walls you built for protection of vulnerability will crumble to ash. She will smile, laugh and say "I love you, you are welcome". You are welcome to feel ecstatic love, exotic rhythm, and freedom.

You were constantly crying for her in your wounded cavern, and she came bearing the gift of ultimate release. For you were never burdened, you were always free. You were always loved.

Surrender to her, she will guide you home. She will show you to your oasis within your heart, within your soul, and every fiber of your being.

She is here to destroy the parts in us that try to destroy our sacred happiness, love and divinity.

May you seek peace, may you be peace.

You are love. You are loved.

© 2023 by Jaclynn Moon.