Transforming our Stress

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

I have been awakening and realizing more and more on how to use stressful, uncomfortable, and seemingly "negative" situations into fuel. I take these situations and transform them into strength, power and passion.  We can either let these stressful situation dig under our skin destroying us or we can lasso that energy and alchemize it into a lesson of a higher purpose.

How can I use these painful situations to my advantage?

Rather than being the victim of these situations, we can be the warrior.

It is undeniable that in this life we face stressful situations. Heartbreak, accidents, death, unsuspecting outcomes, failures. With these stressful situations we can alchemize them, using them to grow in compassion, strength, and power within. Strength is not found in overpowering that which we do not understand, it is about learning how to courageously work with these energies, opening up to them.  Not using the power against ourselves but rather as a source of energy.

When steel is tempered, heat and pressure are used to strengthen the metal. When the butterfly first begins to emerge from its cocoon it struggles to get out. This struggle is a necessary process as blood is being pumped to its wings to aid in flight. If the butterfly was to be cut from the cocoon without the struggle it would not be able to fly, it would fall to the forest floor and die without spreading its wings.

We can not avoid these processes. They are a natural part of our lives. When we begin to claim ourselves, stepping into our divine nature our hearts open.  We start to take things less personally, we start to make clear boundaries, we start to freely express. This all happens because we are courageous in the self. We start to let go of the victim and right or wrong models opening up to compassion and gentleness that go well beyond self-doubt.

We don't need to prove to others who we are. We don't need to compare ourselves to others. We don't need to be trapped in victim or self-doubt. We start to accept and claim all of who we are and use the stressful, dark parts of our inner and outer world as a source of energy for growth.

If we avoid our struggles and stress in life, we won't have what it takes to truly step into our divine nature. Facing what needs to be faced and using it to empower our divine nature. We can see our struggles as the tempered steel or the butterfly in the cocoon, only helping us to gain strength and spread our wings to fly to the highest heights!

What situations in your life can you transform into strength, courage and compassion?

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