Where to End in Order to Begin...

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

Where to end in order to begin?

Sometimes it can be a terrifying thought. Especially when the heart is involved.

We are so willing to hold on to something that does not fulfill us because it is what we are so used to knowing.

Why would I let this go, I don't know what could happen, what if it's the wrong decision, what if i'm being to critical?

The only question we need to ask is, does it serve me?

If the answer is NO, move on.

If the answer is YES, then you wouldn't be questioning yourself in the first place.

Granted it sucks, you are basically picking yourself up from the ground and starting anew.

I recently left my job, which took me six months to do...dragging it on, convincing myself everything was fine. I needed the money, how else was I going to help people? These thoughts kept me from fulfilling a dream within.

Until one day, the universe said too bad you need to face yourself. I was inevitably placed in a situation at work which made me face the truth in how I felt.  I had to speak up, I had to honor myself, there was absolutely no way around it. So I left, head held high, spirits lifted and slightly terrified.

I am always one to say "No mud, no lotus". Well, I'm eating those words right now. Seeing I no longer have a job. I'm walking on fertile soil worried about where and what to plant.

These are the experiences that create LIFE. This is what creates vision. All the frustration and pain we go through are tools of motivation. Motivation towards our dreams. It may feel like your churning a vat of butter and getting nowhere. You're trapped in the mud, you're climbing up a steep hill and you suddenly fall down. The minds precious way of showing us what we need to wake up to, where we need to end in order to begin.

We are constantly renewing ourselves, reimagining our life, reinventing. Sometimes we get so stuck on the last invention we worked so hard on in creating that we are unable to admit that in the end, it did not fulfill us. The greatest illusion is the one in which we look into our past and put energy on what was there, what we did and how we produced it. Even if we find it reprehensible you act upon these thoughts and continue to produce more and more of what has always been.

The wake cannot drive the boat, the wake of your life does not drive you today. It got you to where you are today, but it shouldn't be what drives you.

 Its a constant cycle we are in. Life, Death, Life. It is merging with this reality where we can begin to cultivate joy, peace and flow. We can dance with the natural rhythm of the earth, drop our leaves when she does. Flow with the tides, and currents of our lives.  In knowing that all is working for us, not against us. Knowing that we can let go and cultivate anew, creating, inventing, imagining...renewing, recreating, reinventing, reimagining.

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