Your Body is an Instrument

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

I gave one of my clients this visualization the other day and I hope it works for you.

Here it goes…

Imagine yourself like a hollow tube ( maybe like a flute, how cute!)

This is how we come into the world...hollow, pure and receptive…(welll on)

Totally connected to the light and love in which we ARE

As we are in the mother's womb we begin to emesh with our mothers emotions and literally share the same nervous system…(you also receive your fathers and family stuff!! yay!)

We come out mostly PURE and WHOLE

But extremely vulnerable….

We MUST be kept safe and protected at ALL times by others…

We can not fend for ourselves as mushy babes

SOOo this is the time we end up taking on our families stuff...we have to in order to function and SURVIVE in the world….

So we sacrifice our light in order to be safe….

Seems pretty legit right????


Then you grow up…

And you're in your 20s or 30s and you have a “spiritual awakening”... you FINALLY GET IT…

like HOLY fucking shit...we are love...and I am a spiritual being having a human experience…

But wait…

There's work to be done…

Because my hollow tube (flute) is clogged with survival stuff i took on at birth from my whole damn family and now...SOCIETY!!

Oh comes the REAL work….

Just when i thought it was gonna be easy…

You sure I can't just shoot out of my body and access BLISS??? gotta COME into the body to know BLISS…..

so that's where we clear or attune our bodies to be able to experience our (Hu)man selves (Which literally means LIGHT being…)

Just like learning how to play a flute or any other instrument we HAVE to learn how to be a LIGHT BEING….( a being that is of LOVE, BLISS, UNITY)

When we activate our LIGHT being we also are activating the DEEP process of healing for our subconscious mind….

So whatever is stored in our cellular memory passed down from family and society, comes up to be cleared…

Most of what is stored in the subconscious is guilt, shame, unworthiness, lack, unloveable, old survival stories and patterns….

These are passed down codes of survival that IS NOT in alignment with our (HU)man light being…

Do not fear! For when we bring the light of our consciousness to our subconsciousness we begin to shift into that which is in alignment with our highest vibrations! (well i would hope so!)

SOOooOOooO What is in alignment??




The more we consciously choose to REMOVE that which clogs our precious vessel…

The more we will be attuned to LIGHT + BLISS..

That IS our natural state of being as (HU)mans….




(i’m living proof! Heh…granted it is a work in quick fixes)



OHHHH i pray and pray for all to see this light and embody this light!!!

Taking on Clients ready to HOLLOW out their sacred remove that which DOES NOT serve your radiant...blissful (Hu)man self!!!!



You really are fucking magical.



MESSAGE me here beloved interested in an embodiment HEALING sesh.

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