Sensual Self Love Workshop

Let me whisper a sublime gift to you, there is nothing to fear. The truth you seek is this, you shall be. You can not be other than what you are. The secret to “getting what you want” isn’t simply about believing IT or even deserving IT. It is knowing you are IT. You are the very thing you have been seeking and chasing. There is no distance or separation between you and the All.All that is, you are. Are you ready to let yourself in yet?

-Maryam Hasnaa

Who is this Workshop for?

This workshop is for women looking to deepen their connection to love itself

And that love begins with us

Filling ourselves up with the love + nourishment our minds, bodies and souls crave

Can you take yourself there?

Can you allow yourself to feel into the love our souls crave to receive….?

I know Intimacy can be scary…

The phrases “How will I be perceived”, “Will I even be received?” come up a lot…

What Jaclynn Moon will be guiding you and assisting you through is your own self-love journey…

We will open our hearts and body to love…

The more we open and allow ourselves to express our yearning for love...the more space we cultivate in receiving love…

What to expect…

Sacred Circle

We gather as sisters in a sacred circle. What is shared and experienced here is honored and received with respect.


Guided Womb Meditation

 Beginning to drop away from the mind into our body temple…


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping 

Rewiring our brains to LOVE.


Sensual Yoga Flow

A deeper presence and connection to breath + body...slow, rhythmic movements that are intentional.


Invoke Dance

A dance with music to stir up any stagnant emotions lingering in the body...we will move through sadness+grief...anger...sensuality+empowerment…


Sensual Slow Down

 Returning back to our mats to restore and download the nourishment of our experience.

Please Bring-

*An open heart + mind

*Comfortable clothing, as we will be moving through yoga and dance

*Journal (in case you want to write down inspirations + insights!)

*Yoga Mat

Come as you are 


“When I first heard Jaclynn talk about the goddess and the womb I was a little uncomfortable because I’d never heard anything like that in a yoga class. I followed her on Instagram and started reading more about the feminine and became more interested. I realized I was uncomfortable because no one taught me how to work through my feelings of sexuality and trust my instincts and my womb; society teaches you it’s something to hide or be ashamed of. The sensual self love class is the perfect outlet for women whether you’ve just started to look into yourself, if you don’t know what you’re doing, or if you’ve been practicing for a long time. It’s a safe place to evaluate and re-evaluate your self worth and sensuality and to let go of any fears or trauma that hold you back. I always feel more confident about myself after this workshop and inspired to face my insecurities to work through them instead of repressing them. One of my favorite lessons from Jaclynn is to become your own beloved. Women need to love themselves the way they want to be loved. Finding that self awareness and trusting your intuition can change your whole outlook on life. Jaclyn teaches woman how to love themselves and light the fire inside them. She guides and supports you to let go and dance. I would recommend this experience to any and all women no matter what age or experience.”

-Taylor Nohelty


“I’ve been enjoying the self love classes at The Salty Buddha since the first class! As a preschool teacher, I give out so much love and energy and come home and give love to my partner and family. This class is a way for me to refill my own cup. Learn how to love myself the way I want to be loved, touch myself the way I want to be touched and connect to my sensual and divine femininity. Having a community of strong and loving woman around me has been so powerful and transformative. This class is about love, pleasure and diving deep into what is holding you back from truly loving and accepting yourself as you are. I would highly recommend this to any women out there.”

-Brianna Keating


“I attended the Sensual Self-Love Workshop taught by Jaclynn Moon at The Salty Buddha Studio in Salem, MA. Jaclynn led us through an amazing experiential journey exploring aspects of the divine feminine, Kundalini, energy flow, self-nourishment and self-care. The topic of this workshop might sound intimidating or even just "too weird", but I encourage all women to put aside any apprehension and sign up for the next workshop if you have the chance! Jackie provides a welcome space for everyone, her style is disarming and accepting, and above all, honest. On a personal note, the workshop definitely awoke something within me. I have a personal practice that I've been doing for quite some time, in which, I meditate for 10 minutes and then draw an oracle card to see what the day's energy is going to be. The card I drew right after this workshop was Kundalini rising! Very serendipitous. So, I'd encourage other women to attend the next workshop by Jaclynn Moon, you never know what you will unleash within yourself!”

-Roxanne Kelly


Such an opening experience! I’m so grateful to have joined together with a lovely group of sisters—sharing space to be completely vulnerable and open to peel back layers of conditioning, find confident embodiment through awakening our divine feminine energy, free-flow primal dancing, exercising empowerment, and remembering how to love ourselves entirely and unconditionally  I highly recommend this to all women who are looking to awaken their inner goddess Shakti!!

-Kayla Proulx

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